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Sleep Deprivation and its Impact on the Workplace (September, 2016)

Executive Coaching for Leaders and High Performers: Providing A Low-Stigma Service to Engage Reluctant EAP Clients (June, 2016)

Intergenerational Challenges in the Workplace (April, 2016)

Best Practices Roundtable (February, 2016)

Employment Trends in 2015: Their Impact on the Workplace and on Employee Assistance Professionals (January, 2015 Kick-Off, Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director of Alumni & Student Career Services at USC)

Parental Strategies for Raising Drug Free Kids (February 2015, Dr. Moe Gelbart, Thelma McMillen Center)

Successfully Aligning Wellness with Traditional EAP Services: A Case Study of Children's Hospital LA EAP (April 2015, Beth Fitzpatrick, LCSW, Thelma McMillen Center)

Creating a Sustainable EAP Field (June 2015, Beverly Younger, PhD, LCSW, Clinical Associate Professor, USC School of Social Work, Thelma McMillen Center)

Strength Based Humor at Work (September 2015, Dan Rothenberg, LCSW, Thelma McMillen Center)

Improvisation: An Innovative Tool for EAP (October 2015, Waverly Farrell, LCSW and John Buse, LMFT of Relationship Solutions.Org, Thelma McMillen Center)



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