Critical Incident Stress Management Group
Crisis Intervention Training
at Cedars-Sinai


Our Holiday Best Practices Roundtable Meeting 12/11/2013
Barry Davis, Roberta Dill, Herb Kaighan (TMMC)
Debra Alpert
Panel Moderators
George Melgarejo & Roberta Dill


EAPA’s 2013 World Conference at the Arizona Biltmore

Eve Edmond’s thoughts about EAPA’s 2013 World Conference . . .

Four Board members from our chapter attended the EAPA World Conference at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix this past October... Debra Alpert, Roberta Dill, Judith Harris, and I. The grounds were sumptuous and, as always, it was wonderful having the opportunity to spend time with colleagues from around the country, as well as other parts of the world.

The focus this year was on return on investment, critical incident response, debriefing, and management. Also highlighted were the aging workforce, eldercare, and maintenance of brain function.

The conference culminated with the annual Dance Machine, followed by a memorable evening, with a dinner and concert by Paul Williams.

It is an exhilarating and inspiring experience, and we hope to see many of there next year when it will be held on the Disney World property in Orlando, FL!

photo photo photo
Our President, Eve Edmond and singer, composer Paul Williams    
Judy Harris and Debra Alpert with EA Professionals from
South Africa and China
Entertainment at Chinese delegation’s reception
CEAPA - Chinese EAP delegation

Our September 25th 2013 workshop featured a highly successful behavior based transition program with over 1,000 graduates. Maurice Wilson, Richard Nicholson, Angus MacDonald and Charles Macias discussed “REBOOT’s” program, practices and strategies that focus on a cognitive behavioral approach to effectively shifting behavior so that veterans can be successful in the new work environment.

Maurice Wilson
Ret. U.S. Navy
Richard Nicholson, Psy.D. Marine Corp. Service Angus MacDonald Ret. Capt. U.S. Navy Charles Macias, Psy.D. Marine Corp. Service



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